Hello Ghouls and Gals! I specialize in the sub-genre of horror, fantasy, and surreal photography. As a horror and cosplay photographer, my vision is to capture your nightmares one session at a time. Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, and serving Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago area. As a child of the 80s, I grew up watching classic horror films and gained an intense appreciation for all things gore. I come from a family that loves film, actors, and the entire filmmaking process. My upbringing was enriched by art and I live by a very simple yet important phrase, "Art is never wrong!" I started my photography career in high school and began shooting weddings, family sessions, and special occasions. Once I had a family of my own we began doing 31 days of Halloween. I realized I enjoyed those sessions 100 times more and made it my goal to only shoot what makes my heart sing. This not only makes my heart sing but I am passionate about my work. I want every piece I create to start conversations. To make people feel something, even if it's fear. I want to empower individuals I work with. There is something truly badass and invigorating about becoming something we fear! I can not wait to make your vision come to life!